Sprint throws a punch at the iPhone and AT&T (link)

June 27, 2009

As an iPhone game producer I have to admit to being a little bias. But I also own a little stock in Palm and in Sprint so I hope both do well.

The boys at Engadget seem to think this is going to turn into the old SEGA vs. Nintendo type fight. I was at SEGA when we had the tag line: "SEGA does what Nintendon't", and we all thought it was pretty funny. We can only hope that as the future unfolds, that we get into that typ
e of competition. That kind of fight can make both companies try a little

Sega Corporation 株式会社セガImage via Wikipedia

bit harder to make their products better and also different from each other.

Btw, its written as SEGA not Sega since its an abbreviation. Know what the letters stand for? If I get enough guesses in comments, I'll send out a free about(making)games t-shirt to some random person with the right answer.



d said...

service games. gimme shirt.

Mac said...

Sure! Email me a snail mail adr and I'll send it right out.