Marvel not doing 'crappy' movie games anymore, says exec

August 19, 2009

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Marvel Executive Vice President of Global Digital Media Group (wow, long title) Ira Rubenstein tells Joystiq that Marvel is done making "crappy" movie-based games.
I'm amazed at these kinds of quotes.  I've heard them a few times over the years and the same questions come to mind.  I'm sure that Mr. Rubenstein wouldn't mind answering them... well, with my help anyway.

AMG:  So does that imply that you intended to make all of those crappy games before?

IR:  Well... umm... no one wants to make crappy games

AMG:  So you knew they were crappy but released them anyway.  Is it your policy to release games you know are crap?

IR:  Crap is bad um...

AMG:  What exactly are you going to do to make the new games not crappy that you couldn't or wouldn't do before?

IR:  Umm... is it warm in here?

AMG:  Do you have some magic juice that's poured on "good" games that you forgot to pour on the crappy games?

IR:  Juice... can I have a glass of water?  A Twix maybe?

AMG: Did you not pour this magic juice on the crappy games because you figure that the gaming public is so dumb that they'll buy any game with "Marvel" on it so it doesn't really matter what you do?

IR:  Love gamers.... they... have.... money....

AMG: Has it occurred to you sir, that the buying public has figured out that you make crappy games, and now they don't just automatically buy your games so this is just some PR stunt that's an attempt to fool these same game buying people into buying more of your crappy games?

IR:  Is this 60 Minutes? Where's Andy Rooney?

AMG: Please remain seated sir, calling "uncle" or for your "mommy" will not get you out of answering these simple questions.  Can you tell me exactly when the crappy games initiative started and who started it?

IR: I think it was someone else and before I came to the company.... are we done yet?

AMG:  Almost.  What's your favorite color?

IR:  Red... no, green... no...

With that he flew out the window... I think its up to us to cross this bridge on our own.


P.S.  No Ira Rubenstein did not actually answer these questions, but I wish he would!

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