Microtransactions kid based? (link)

August 03, 2009

Today on IndustryGamers.com there was an interesting story about successful microtransaction companies.  They listed a bunch of sites and titles that have suceeed in making a game that works well with microtransactions.  This certainly is the norm in Asia, but really has not taken off here in the US.

The map of Club PenguinImage via Wikipedia
The basic sticking point is that in Asia they want to buy things to make their avatar look cooler, but in teh US we want them to make us win!  But game designers here don't want to fall into the trap of: "He who has the most money wins".

But the thing that struck me about the sites and games listed... only 3 of them were for adults.  All of the others were aimed at kids. 

I think that's making a clear point that gamers have not taken to microtransactions but kids who want their avatr to look cool have.

Care to disagree??


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