I hate the monastery game Dev industry

May 08, 2009

I've been fortunate enough to have been a hiring manager at various times in my career. One of the first times was at US Gold, the men of the place had trouble making a commitment to hire a QA person. While I certainly agree that picking the right person for a QA job is important, lets keep in mind that it was an entry level position.

I firmly believe that this was a case of typical male's not able to actually make a commitment. I asked them to re-interview their top 3 and then we'd pick one 3 days later. We followed that schedule and when it came right down to it we had two very qualified people and it was a toss up. I finally said: "Lets not have a monastery".

We hired her and she worked out great. She has stayed in the industry and if recall from her last Linkedin update, she's an Executive Producer. I couldn't be happier for her. Since hiring her I have become sensitive to not only how hard it is to get INTO this industry, but how much harder it is if you're a woman. I have hired many women into the industry, some are still in it and others are not... but they had a chance, an equal chance, to make it or go into another field.

I found a great blog on women in gaming, you can find it here: Dame Dev

Your comments?