So why is there a picture of Mr. Bernanke in my last post?

July 02, 2009

Well, the post was all about failure... and if you don't live under a rock, you can make the connection that the banks in the US are failing at a record rate. So sorry Mr. Bernanke, your pic came up with the keyword "failure". I'll make it up to you by telling a funny story...

A headhunter called me once and asked me if I was interested in a producer position at a major Japanese game publisher. Their office in San Jose was 10

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minutes away and I was out of work, so of course I said yes. I sent my resume in and we talked about the position, great fit for me with all of my SEGA experience.

He called back the next day to tell me that they had passed. Just for the fun of it I asked if they had given a reason. It went something like this:

me: So what was their reason?

headhunter: They want a specific person, they want the producer of [XBOX title]

me: That project was 2 years late and a million and a half dollars over budget.... I can do that.

headhunter: (laughing) Let me call them and see what they say to that.

2 hours drift by... when the headhunter called me back...

headhunter: I told'm, they know that... but they want him anyway

It boggles the mind that they were using a headhunter when they wanted ONE specific person. I have no idea if they ever got him, but I do know the office has completely changed staff twice since then.

I love this industry!


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