What movie or TV show can't you make a game out of?

January 15, 2010

Grand Theft Auto IVImage via Wikipedia

No such thing

Through the history of time there hasn't been a movie, book, TV show that wouldn't lend itself to a video game. Now lets keep in mind that these might not be GOOD games, but its easy really... but lets define our terms.

The game needs to fit into a genre other than just "based on a movie". You know they give Oscars to movies that are based on stories in other media. Lets adapt something from a TV show and see what we get... (being older myself, I'll go for some really old shows)

"Car 54 where are you?" So easy... GTA IV style game that you wander around a huge town trying to find a specific car.

"The Prisoner" You nee to escape the island without giving up any information.

"The Brady Bunch" The dog, Tiger, is missing and the player must help the family find him. Since this is based on an existing episode, (yeah odd that I remember that huh?), there's plenty of VO material we can use.

If you need more proof, please read my previous post about The Lovely Bones. I have not seen it yet, as of this writing it opens tonight, but I know when I do that there's a game in there.

So dear reader... think of every media assault on your mind and heart in game terms.  Although it is possible to turn a tragedy of the Haitian earthquake, search and rescue, but since the topic is not happy and mostly not a happy ending, the game would end on a sad note. Games that end without a happy ending, often care that feeling on through to the review and players overall feeling about the game.

An old boss of mine feels that movies have to end on a happy or at least empowering note, and that's true for games as well.

Lets start a list... of sources of game ideas.... movies, TV, newspapers, recent events... what comes to mind next?