XCOM and Joystiq, sometimes they just GET IT

June 12, 2010

Hemingway posing for a dust jacket photo by Ll...
We play games.  Games, GAMES.  These are meant to be entertaining and FUN.  Often I have sat in meetings and listened to big burly men discuss the merits of the brown fluffy bunnies vs. the pink fluffy bunnies. (Side note: one of my favorite industry friends is Scott Rhode, and I will NEVER forget hearing him tell how his game idea was rejected because two previous games that had sand in them had failed therefore a beach volleyball game would fail too)

So when I come along a review or comment that shows the writer is having FUN, I laugh and have to quote it.

...look like no aliens you've ever had to fight off before. Okay, maybe if you're Spider-Man, you'll find yourself on familiar ground. Everyone else is screwed.
This is from a review of the new XCOM trailer that looks very cool too.  But DO go read the entire review and watch the video on JOYSTIQ, and dig their new look.


P.S.  And if you're wondering, I have NO idea why Hemingway's picture comes up when Zemanta is looking for pictures based on this post, but that too cracked me up.