Someone missed something... Disney acquires Tapulous

July 02, 2010

I find this really strange... Disney acquires Tapulous.  I think my favorite quote of the piece is this:

“We will be at the center of Disney’s mobile strategy,”
 The reason I find this very odd is that less than 8 months ago I was contacted by their HR requiter for the Executive Producer position at Tapulous. We talked for about 30 minutes and one of her comments stuck in my head:

"We really have no process, and we need someone who can teach us how to make games"
When I asked about the background of my bosses, I was told they were lawyers had had zero game industry experience.  I was told what they really needed was someone with lots of experience who could lead the group.

So there you have it... someone with no game industry experience is now the head of the "center of Disney's mobile strategy.  This has disaster written all over it. I wish them well in their duel quest of leading the mobile strategy AND learning how to make games.