Back from GenCon SoCal

August 30, 2007

Back from GenCon SoCal!!

I talked to a lot of dealers and a few gamers. I had a nice, but quick, conversation with Peter Adkinson. Those of you that play Magic: The Gathering surely know that name.
Currently he owns GenCon and is really making it work. He has agreed to be interviewed for the podcast. Now it’s up to me to find good questions for him.
There were lots of other people willing to be interviewed and that’s a good thing. I have enough material for the next 14 episodes. I hope to move the show to a weekly format so having 14 more interviews is a good thing.
You have one more chance to hear my name, this time on TV. My question was picked to be read by the Digital Duo team on the show of the same name. I asked a question about USB 1.0 and USB 2.0. I knew the answer already but I get asked about that a lot so I figure I could just direct people to their answer.

I’ll be adding to the “future guests” page this weekend, it’s gonna be HUGE.