Adsense ads

November 03, 2008

As most of you know, this site is ad driven through Google Adsense. I don't make a LOT of money off of the ads, but at least its something. Today a friend of mine pointed out that there were "Yes on 8" ads appearing on my site. I am a strong advocate of "No on 8" and I couldn't abide seeing those ads.

My blog is not political in ANY way, and I feel strongly about this issue. I would rather not see ANY ads on my site, lose what little income there is from them, than see those promoting a yes vote on 8. Regardless of how you feel on this issue, I think we can agree that a blog about making games, is not the appropriate place for these ads.

Ads will return after November 4th.



Sunny said...

Totally agree that the blog should focus on games, not political ads, especially that one. Thanks for removing it!

BTW, I really enjoy your blog... and the links as well.

Hope you'll write more!