Game Dev using SCRUM - a slight modification

November 15, 2008

OK, so you read my rant about using Excel for Project Management... (sorry, queasy feeling came over me while typing that) There is one exception that I will allow... keep track of the Product Backlog, and even the Sprint Backlog, for Scrum.

I recently attended a class and I saw Excel used by the teacher for this simple task. She had some other fields and it looked like good tracking, but there was a limit. The tasks were not broken down on her sheet and she have to cut & paste every day when things changed.

OK, now that you know what NOT to do. I love Scrum, so what are the alternatives?

Over the years I have found very few places that use 100% pure Scrum. I even worked with a company that refused to use Scrum, but agreed to a daily meeting and a list of tasks broken down every 2 or 4 weeks. (Ahem)

So to help these poor people, I made a MS Project file that tracks Scrum. The added benefit is that for each Sprint, its possible to create a GANNT chart. No really! I'll hook up the files and you'll see what I am talking about.

The files can be found here... SenourScrumPackage

In that zip file you'll find a PDF of the basic instructions of how to use the other file, a MS Project 2007 sheet. There is still some copy&paste that's needed every day. But it will satisfy those that want a wall sized GANNT chart, but still have daily meetings. (Admit it, you know who you are)

Good luck and hit me up with questions!