What is SONY thinking with the PSP and PSP GO(AWAY)?

September 24, 2009

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While trolling through the usual news and blog sites, I came across this story, from Industry Gamers. Let me get this straight, the PSP has basically failed and now SONY has figured out a way to really piss off new customers by charging $249 for a device that actually does less than the $200 model.

But to make things even more interesting, they want you to buy this new higher priced unit so you can download games that are really knockoffs of games made for the iPhone/iPod Touch?

Howard StringerImage via Wikipedia
So there's no trade in program, who'd do it?  Who has a PSP now and loves it so much he'll go out and buy the PSP GO, and then throw away his old unit that runs his $35 games because of the 99 cent games he can download?
Sir Howard Stringer, you are clearly neither a gamer or a consumer.  I am making the grand assumption that the normal PSP can not download games, but since I don't have a PSP GO(AWAY), I can't confirm this.

But further, also at Industry Gamers, it seems that EB is not going to carry the PSP GO(AWAY) in Australia. Shocking! (At least it seems to be to Sir Howard)  That a retail hard goods store wouldn't want to sell a game unit, that will put them out of business!

Maybe the good folks over at Blockbuster can exmplain to SONY that stores that sell the hard goods are not interested in selling hardware that they don't or can't share in the profits. A few years ago I was involved with "MovieBeam" from Disney. At one point a marketing person suggested that Blockbuster might carry the unit... that allows people to rent movies without leaving their house. I have no idea how that guy kept his job for so long...

Your thoughts?



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